Our Escape Games

The Beginning


There are traitors in the kingdom, and it's you! You have to escape from the castle dungeon, complete the ritual and unleash the ancient plague, Chimera, upon your enemies.


Difficulty rating: 3/5

 Please note: This game has elements that are very different to our other game, it has challenges that are more physical in nature. As such, we feel that younger children may struggle in this room. 

The Scandal


You have been hired by the eccentric Lord Talbot to track down his missing wife who has run off with the family heirlooms including a rare giant diamond. Only Detective Reid has any clues to the whereabouts of Lady Talbot and the missing diamond.

 Difficulty rating: 4/5 

We have two copies of this game so that two teams can play against each other.

Coming Soon


Game 3 Coming in 2020


2 players - £44

3 players - £63

4 players - £76

5 players - £85

6 players - £90